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5 CV Writing Tips to help you get ahead

01 Jan 14:00 by Anette Fink


Your CV is the document that sells you. It will be the first time a potential new employer will start to evaluate you against what they’re looking for. It’s your first (and possibly last) opportunity to sell yourself, your experience and your future value to new employers.  

Here are 5 tips that at MacGregor Black we always talk to our candidates about when putting together their CV.

1 Use a structure

First up, find a CV template that works. Keeping to a template and using a structured approach to writing a CV helps the reader follow your CV and remember your story. Remember, it doesn’t have to be restricted to two pages but shouldn’t be a 6 pager either, somewhere in-between will be about right.

2 Keep it up to date

Using an old CV looks bad and that you can’t be bothered to keep it up to date, it means that the reader (HR or the hiring manager) will start to question your aptitude. The same goes for any gaps or dates which conflict with one another, which can lead to an inconsistent message.

3 Use Numbers to Stand Out

Your CV should demonstrate your unique set of skills and experience. Make sure you include numbers to highlight your commercial successes, regardless of your job role, numbers are the most powerful way to demonstrate your achievements.

4 Avoid Errors

Make sure that your CV has zero errors in it, even down to the smallest details, like a consistent font throughout. It’s always best to get someone to double check everything for you, as a fresh set of eyes can help you avoid any errors.

5 Be Specific

Don‘t be generic. Work out who or which industry sector or company your CV is aimed at and tailor it to highlight the right aspects of your experience for them.

Your CV should be an error-free, marketing brochure that sells your story to the reader that leaves them wanting to find out more, you can continue the story in the interview.