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MacGregor Black are the Headline Sponsors for truNewcastle Unconference

21 May 11:00 by Jon McNeish


Macgregor Black are proudly sponsoring the truNewcastle Recruitment / HR Unconference. 

What on earth is an unconference?!

Well, if a conference is a line-up of speakers who stand at a podium with a PowerPoint presentation, talk for 45 mins, then move on to the next speaker, then an un-conference is the complete opposite!

First of all, there are no speakers, no presentations, no podiums and no being stuck in your seat for ages listening to someone who just isn’t entertaining or relevant. Instead we have a series of Tracks led by Track Leaders - people who are experts in their field who we have invited to lead and facilitate a conversation around their chosen topic.


About this Event

In the run up to the rescheduled truNewcastle 2020 we will be running monthly virtual ‘Mini truNewcastle’ events.

These will only be available to truNewcastle ticket holders – so you will be able to network and make friends before the event.

Track leaders will facilitate 45-minute discussions around one of the 5 themes (The Future of Recruitment, Engagement, Transformative HR, Employee Wellbeing and Diversity & Inclusion).

These online discussions will be totally interactive and recorded if you can’t attend (to watch afterwards).

These are the next dates for the virtual mini truNewcastle events:

25th June
16th July

Then when we all meet in September, we will know more people and it will be an even bigger party!


Following the success of the last 2 years, join us for a day of sharing knowledge.

For tickets to this amazing Event (and mini events) visit