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we can help you find the perfect job 

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We help our candidates to manage their careers matching them with the best companies in our network. 


Understand your career aspirations and identifying future roles  


CV writing, social media and networking - helping you with the technical skills for today's job search 


Our network is you network, helping you get the right introductions 


Preparing you for interviews, presentations and testing 


Managing the offer process, professional on-boarding and post start support


8 reasons why you should choose us 

1         Our Network is Your Network

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the sector we’re well placed to find you the right role, both now and for any future roles later in your career. From distruptive SMEs, to world renowned brands, to ambitious private equity backed businesses our extensive network will open up the doors to your ideal opportunity. Our network, really is your network. 


2         Unique opportunities

Through our constant networking and our clients turning to us first, we will give you access to unique opportunities that you will not know about, and crucially neither will other potential candidates. We often receive briefs from our clients weeks before they’ll advertise them or speak to other recruitment agencies. Our unique understanding of the market and of your requirements will mean that often we can offer you a head start on your competition. 

8 reasons why you should choose us 

3         We understand you

As recruitment professionals we understand candidates and what they need & require in the different stages of their careers. We’ll want to meet you to get to know you. We’ll want to know your aspirations and your ‘career dreams’ so that we can articulate this to our network of Consumer & Retail clients. Only by meeting you and getting to know you, will we ever be able to understand your unique career experiences and how we can properly articulate those to our clients; your potential new employer. 

8 reasons why you should choose us 

4         We'll represent you

When we represent candidates, we make sure that we give them advice on all of the things that matter today in the professional job hunt. Such as: helping with social media and making sure that you’re portraying the right image and career message to potential employers. Most importantly is that we will actively present you to our client network as a candidate that can help them and is right for their business. Our greatest success in this area is opening opportunities to candidates that aren’t there, by convincing our clients that they should think about crucial talented people, like you, even if they don’t have a direct opportunity now. Sometimes our clients meet the candidates we represent without there being a job opening as they’re keen to get great talent into their organisation. 

8 reasons why you should choose us 

5         We'll save you time  

As a busy business professional in the Consumer & Retail sector, you are not going to have time to research job openings. We’ll remove that hassle for you and keep in constant communication with you about job openings when you are actively looking for work. In addition you can sign-up to receive jobs by email through our market-leading website and we will also keep your details on file, and contact you every few weeks to make sure we keep open the lines of communications in your job hunt. 

8 reasons why you should choose us 

6         Getting you ready

Our teams of recruitment professionals know exactly what our clients are looking for, that’s why our clients use us. By letting us help you in your job search we’ll get you ready for interviews, meetings and presentations, by us sharing our unique insight into what clients are looking for. Our collectives years of experience will also allow us to talk to you about what’s the best way to prepare generally and how to best approach meetings and interviews, especially if you haven’t been in a job interview process for a while. 

8 reasons why you should choose us 

7         We'll get what you’re worth 

Knowing what you are worth to potential employers and knowing what the ‘market’ is paying for candidates with particular skills sets and experiences, means we can represent your true value to new employers. We can help you through the often complicated process of the offer and negotiation stage, acting as your trusted advisor throughout. 

8 reasons why you should choose us 

8         We’ll help you get settled 

For us at MacGregor Black, finding you your new job is only the start of our relationship. We help our candidates settle into their new jobs, and offer our services as an independent sounding board on the first few months, on call to talk through any issues that may arise. We are also proud that our successfully placed candidates come back to us to help them get the right type of candidates into their new teams, knowing the standard of work that we deliver time and time again, getting great people, jobs in great companies. Our network, REALLY is your network.